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This could be a cash cow...

My god, this has been well put together. I wish the fight was a bit longer between the three groups, and also would have like to see what that big Yoshi could do...In any case, I cannot wait for the next one and hope to get it finished soon...wonderful job!

this is a wonderfully executed concept.

I don't even like Survivor, but this is a great series that's going. I vote for Mario, if no one else.


you have quite a project here...Can't wait for the next one...or the end for that matter...and to think I found this on a random portal entry...good job!

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I like it a lot...

Nice graphics(albeit stickmen) very cool indeed...I am going to put some beats I made on NG soon, maybe you can use some of them in your upcoming projects...whaddya say?

The game is a bit lackluster and repetitive...

but I might have found something else on NG...I have never heard of college-u so i may just check it out...

It is nothing remote to the NES Classic....

However, It was very funny and fun to play...very nicely done

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duh duh duh da-da duh duh duh

My opinion: Trip-hop.
Song: Original, enertaining.
Negatives: A little soft, this song could really go places.
Positives: Nice synth, the piano was butter
Extra Comments: We need to collab sometimes. I believe i can learn a lot from you, and i think i can help you take it to the next level.


not bad at all...

I heard this song after Wargasm and I like the added background and it gives it a strong feeling for me. Lol on the drum clicks i thought it was funny, but i like dis one makes me want to hit my boss!


Dis is wild ass shit man!!!! I like that, but I would love to hear a bass line or something in the background to give it some ambiance. And with all that wonderful noise, that six second silence didn't do it for me but a bitchin tune.

Hello, NG. I love watching good pieces of flash; If you have one, feel free to tell me about it. I have about 75 loops for games and movies, ranging from techno to rap...hit me up!

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